KoreanCupid Review

KoreanCupid is the most famous and well-known service for online dating in Korea. It was created so that any international men could easily and freely get acquainted with Asian girls while spending a minimum of effort. Now the resource has more than half a million users, mainly from Korea, the Philippines, China, and the United States. Every day, about 1000 users appear online. Members aged 24 to 55 years make up more than 94%, but fake users are also among them.

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Maria 30 y.o.
Nikki 27 y.o.
Kate 32 y.o.
Sarah 28 y.o.
Morgan 26 y.o.
Alex 29 y.o.

Pros and Cons


Similar to other dating sites this service has the following advantages:

  • simple registration and quick receipt of an account;
  • a large number of Korea and China users, which makes it possible to get an Asian girl;
  • detailed profile information and large photos;
  • convenient use of the resource even for those who rarely use the Internet.


As an alternative, it is needed to describe the disadvantages:

  • a fairly expensive subscription (in comparison with other, even more popular, dating sites);
  • there are practically no free functions (only registration and viewing profiles are free);
  • poor security (often fake-accounts occurred).
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Easy to Use

The site has a very convenient design with a clear arrangement of buttons and tabs. Users’ profiles are fully displayed on the screen if necessary. Most of this takes a photo of good quality. Everything here is designed in such a way that it is almost impossible to lose sight of or not understand something. There are few features available for a free account. For example, you can see who and when was viewing your page, and also see who was online last time. If you have a premium subscription, then all functions will be available to you, as well as instant translation of messages into the selected language.


Registration process here is quite easy. You only need to provide your name and email. If you create a unique username and password, you do not have to verify your identity regularly. Filling out the profile and uploading photos are not required immediately upon activation of the account. At your request, you can sign up using your LinkedIn account. This can simplify the whole process a bit, and you can also import the necessary photos from your page on a social network.

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A detailed study shows that all information is visible and accessible to all users without exception, as well as the photo. Special indicators show which of the users you have already talked to and have sympathy for. You do not need to look long for how to delete an account, to edit a profile or to report about frauds and abuses. For your convenience, you not only fill in the required fields but also describe yourself and your potential partner in a specially designated place. It is offered immediately after filling in the basic information. All profiles are verified, and after this procedure, they immediately receive a special indicator that guarantees the profile’s quality.


Since viewing the details of your profile is available to all users, and not just verified ones. Therefore, any person can find out any details about you. This is not always good. In general, despite the rather complicated verification of users, the site’s reputation in the matter of safety cannot be called ideal. Along with real people who are looking for a couple, here you can often stumble upon a scam-account. And outwardly it does not differ in any way from any other profile. Therefore, to avoid any fraud, you should be vigilant and careful, as well as resort to common sense when communicating on the Internet.


Judging by prices, the site cannot be called cheap. So, a gold subscription will cost $ 10 per month, and a platinum account is 25% more expensive. At the same time, the entire list of necessary functions is not available for users on a free basis, and the site reveals full access and maximum features only for platinum-accounts’ owners. Payment for each month is charged automatically from your card, but this feature can be forcibly disabled. If you paid for any type of subscription and then decided to unsubscribe from it without using all the functions, the money can be returned to your account.


The site is fully consistent with the stated requirements, but taking into account these shortcomings, it could be cheaper. Attendance, interface, and accessibility of information distinguish it from other similar resources.