Meeting Gorgeous Women On Vietnam Dating Sites

If you are into ladies from other countries, for instance, Vietnam, you may use serious Vietnam dating sites. Check out what options you may use to have serious relations with beautiful ladies from other countries.

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Best Vietnamese Dating Sites

  1. FindAsianBeauty – best to find serious romantic relationships.
  2. DateAsianWoman – a great mail order bride platform.
  3. AsianBeautyOnline – best to encounter gorgeous Asian wives.
  4. BeautifulAsianGirls – perfect to start dating Asian ladies.
  5. AsiaLadyDate – used to find brides from Asian countries.
  6. VietnamCupid – a great international dating platform.
  7. – best to encounter brides from Vietnam living in the US.
  8. CherryBlossoms – amazing mail order bride site to find Asian wives.
  9. YMeetMe – a cool Vietnam dating app to flirt, date, get married.
  10. Tinder – free to register and use.

Vietnamese Dating Culture And Traditions

If you are considering Vietnamese women dating, then you should learn a bit more about Vietnamese dating culture. Here are a few things to note:

  • People in the country prefer serious romantic relations over casual encounters.
  • Family is very important.
  • Men and women from Vietnam value the opinion of older family members.

Other than that, Vietnamese singles aren’t very different when it comes to love. They fall in love, start dating, sometimes move in with each other, or decide to get married first. The thing to note is that Vietnamese singles value the opinions of older family members, especially their parents. You would have to prove to the family of your girlfriend that you have serious intentions, so they accept you.

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Do’s And Don’ts Of Vietnamese Dating

If you meet a Vietnamese girl online or in person, there are quite a few things to note. It’s important to understand the differences in mentality and upbringing to be able to have romantic relationships. For example, gorgeous Vietnamese ladies have been raised in a culture that values family and family bonds. Casual relationships are barely a thing in Vietnam.

This means you should behave accordingly. Learn about the relationships of your beautiful girlfriend with her parents. If they are close, and that is most likely the case, you need to win their trust. There are many other things to note, and most importantly, what to do and not to do when dating a beautiful Vietnamese girl.

Here is a simple table with Do’s and Don’ts when dating Vietnamese gorgeous ladies.

Be romantic.Believe in stereotypes.
Be polite.Avoid playing the role of a “white savior”.
Be respectful of religion, country, beliefs and views.Underestimate the intelligence of Vietnam singles
Treat your lady as an equal.Disrespect her family.

The easiest way to encounter beauty from the needed country is to use relationship apps. If you are into something serious, you can choose the best and most reliable dating sites out there. There are many serious relations sites to meet love and become happy!

Vietnamese Dating Vs. Western Dating

When considering Vietnamese dating culture, it’s important to compare it to other cultures. For example, Vietnamese single dating means that the man who invites a girl for dinner should be paying for the meal. Some ladies do prefer to pay for themselves, but the prevailing idea is that the man is the one to pay.

The idea of Vietnam women dating is similar to the concept of dating in the West. You meet someone you like, then you start seeing each other, then you fall in love and get married. The couple can start living together before marriage. But the key point here is “before marriage”.

Dating has to lead to marriage – that’s the difference in cultures. There is no such thing as casual relationships, only serious dating!

Where To Look For Vietnamese Singles?

If you wish to meet Vietnamese singles, you have quite a few options depending on where you live and how much you want to spend. Let’s be real, dating costs money. Whether you use online services or go out and pay to have a drink or a meal. But either way, you have some options. Even if you don’t live near Vietnam and can’t travel often, or you aren’t in the US, you have quite a few amazing options. Here are to name a few:

  • If you live in the US or Canada, check diasporas. If you have Vietnamese diasporas in your city, check their events, maybe you can get invited and meet someone amazing to date.
  • Travel to Vietnam. It’s a beautiful country with an amazing and interesting culture, definitely worth visiting.
  • Ask friends if they know beautiful ladies from Vietnam. It’s possible, so consider this option.
  • Use apps and websites. This option works for everyone, no matter where they live.

The easiest way to encounter beauty from the needed country is to use relationship apps. If you are into something serious, you can choose the best and most reliable dating sites out there. There are many serious relations sites to meet love and become happy!

The Best Vietnam Dating Services: Tops Sites

If you are determined to use Vietnamese dating services to encounter a bride or a girlfriend, the best idea is to use serious, reliable websites. Serious romantic relationships online should be much more enjoyable when using trustworthy dating services providers. Here are some of the best options to choose from.


FindAsianBeauty main page

If you are into serious romantic relationships, then you should like FindAsianBeauty. The name clearly states that on the site, you will find beautiful and wonderful girls from Asian countries. Yes, the website has quite a big audience in Vietnam, so you should be able to meet gorgeous beauties and get married since it’s a serious mail order bride website!


  • Used to establish serious romantic relationships.
  • Has a simple interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • The matchmaking system is rather successful thanks to the application users fill.


  • Easy to overspend since it has no subscription.


DateAsianWoman main page

It’s not exactly a Vietnam dating service, it’s more a general mainstream Asian site to meet love. The website caters to the interests of singles who wish to meet love and have serious romantic relations.


  • Lots of beautiful ladies are using the dating website.
  • Used to establish serious romantic relations.
  • Fun and easy to use.
  • Offers fun additional features.


  • Doesn’t have as many Vietnamese girls as other websites.


AsianBeautyOnline main page

It’s not a strictly Vietnamese dating online site, but it’s an amazing platform to find Asian beauties. Yes, on AsianBeautyOnline, you will meet gorgeous women from Vietnam, but also other Asia countries.


  • Has active members.
  • Used by gorgeous women.
  • Has a decent matchmaking system.
  • Perfect site to establish serious romantic relationships.


  • Easy to overspend on credits, keep this in mind.


BeautifulAsianGirls main page

It’s a Vietnam online dating site where you meet beauties from Asia, not just from Vietnam. The website is of a mail order bride type, so here you can meet a girlfriend. The platform has accounts of the most beautiful and wonderful girls from Asia, so check it out.


  • Has active users.
  • Is used in Vietnam.
  • Helps if you are into serious romantic relationships.
  • Shows who is verified and not for extra security.


  • Still has no app.


AsiaLadyDates main page

Another amazing option that can be used as a Vietnamese online dating site. It’s an awesome site with lots of beautiful girls. You can use AsiaLadyDate as a serious relationship site.


  • Easy to use.
  • Has fun additional features to keep members entertained.
  • Offers a decent matchmaking system.
  • Used by rather active members.


  • Still has no app.
  • Has some fake accounts.


VietnamCupid main page

It’s a Vietnamese dating website, but of an international type. Used mainly by men from the US looking for gorgeous women from Vietnam. And amazing Vietnamese ladies use Vietnam Cupid to find men from other countries. The site belongs to a reliable Cupid media company, so it’s safe to use it.


  • Nice design, user-friendly interface.
  • Great matchmaking system.
  • Easy to use and create an account.
  • Reliable and safe.
  • Has several subscriptions plans to match everyone’s needs.


  • May be a bit expensive for a niche site. main page

If you are seeking a Vietnamese dating app that works in the US, check It’s a great Vietnamese dating site in the USA! If you live in the US, there is a chance to find a gorgeous woman of Vietnamese descent. The site is mainly used to establish serious romantic relationships or to even find a bride or a husband.


  • Easy to use.
  • Offers to establish serious romantic relationships.
  • Has a good matchmaking system.
  • Offers nice additional features.


  • No app for mobile device users.


CherryBlossoms main page

This is a Vietnam dating website, as well as an Asian dating site overall. The CherryBlossoms site is a well-known platform to establish serious international relationships. It’s a place where singles from the Western and Asian world meet each other, start seeing each other, fall in love, and eventually get married.


  • Has a big database of members.
  • Offers a great matchmaking system.
  • Has pretty detailed profiles.
  • Lots of search filters for an active search.


  • Easy to overspend.


YMeetMe main page

It’s a Vietnam dating app that unites the single hearts of people in Vietnam. It can be used as an international app since it has some users from other countries. The main purpose of the app is to help people to find singles to flirt with, potentially fall in love and even get married.


  • Easy to use.
  • Has a nice interface.
  • Rather active members.


  • It’s a niche app, so not too many users.


Tinder main page

One of the best free Vietnamese dating sites, even though it’s an international app. There is probably no country where people don’t know what tInder is. Tinder is one of the most successful relationship apps out there. It has everything a modern person needs. It’s fun to use, and it works!


  • Tons of active members from all corners of the world.
  • Easy and fun to use.
  • Has additional features that keep everyone entertained.
  • Free to use, unless you want some buffs and want to pay.


  • Used mainly for casual relationships, not to find serious relationship partners.

How Do Vietnamese Dating Sites Work?

The best Vietnamese dating sites work just like most other relationship websites – they depend on matchmaking. The matchmaking system of the site is what makes a platform successful. If it manages to match perfect singles, then it is going to be a successful serious relationship site.

The basic principle of a Vietnamese dating site is to gather information about your amazing personality and expectations. Expectations, in this case, mean what you value in your partner, who you expect to meet. For example, you are attracted to petite and delicate Vietnamese ladies who are into serious romantic relationships and want to have kids after marriage.

This is the simplest and most basic of examples. Usually, the matchmaking system notes your preferences in physical appearance and personality traits. As a result, you keep seeing recommendations. These recommendations have the most beautiful and suitable singles considering your tastes. Which makes it a lot easier for you to choose a perfect woman.

Most Vietnamese dating sites are targeted at Vietnamese beauties and men from other countries. You may say these sites are international dating websites. They connect men and women from different parts of the world.


Now you are aware that dating in Vietnam is not very different from having a romantic relationship in any other country. If you don’t live near Vietnam to travel there a lot, you can use totally free Vietnamese dating sites.

Or you could benefit more from paid sites since they offer more safety. Check out all your options and be happy with the beauty from Vietnam! Keep in mind the differences between you and your potential loved one. It’s very important to consider various factors when building serious romantic relationships. In this case, everything should work out quite well.