Best Catholic Dating Sites

As you know, marriage and family are of great importance for most religions, especially for Catholicism. Faith is important when it comes to dating. When you genuinely believe in God, you want your soulmate to believe in God as well. Even if you like someone, you have interesting conversations, you attract each other, but this “someone” has no faith in God, you might have a problem.

Of course, you can’t persuade someone to believe in God or to appreciate your religion. However, if you are planning to marry this man or woman in the future, you want him or her to share your core beliefs. If you’re going to find someone who shares your views upon Catholicism, you might want to check Catholic online dating networks.

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Catholic Dating Web Sites

When you create a website on such a website, you can be sure that every user there is a Catholic. You can meet people who believe in God and have the same faith as we do. Eventually, you will be dating a Catholic because everyone who has an account on such platforms is interested in serious relationships.

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In this article, we present a guide for you to find the best Catholic dating sites. In our top, we have collected only respected Catholic dating sites so you can be positive that you will encounter only decent people. Here are the sites that we find good, and recommend you to consider. Please note, that this is uor personal opinion, and we are not responsible for the universal ratings.

  • CatholicMatch
  • AveMariaSingles

CatholicMatch is a decent network where people with faith in God meet and try to find “the one” to build strong relationships. This network is exceptional because Church leaders endorse it. All Church leaders approve and recommend the platform since it correlates to the main church’s teachings.

The purpose of creating this platform – connecting singles who believe in core Catholic principles. The matching system unites those singles that have similar personality traits. It matches people who have similar interests and want to marry in the future and have a strong family. It’s one of the best Catholic dating web sites and it has a vast database.

First of all, you need to create a profile and fill it with the necessary information. Then you can upload your real photos. It’s best to complete a questionnaire about personal interests. You have to indicate who you consider as the best candidate. This way it would be easier for the matching system to find you a single who meets your requirements.

This network focuses specifically on people who eventually plan to marry. People meet on this platform can start conversations, fall in love and eventually marry. The platform doesn’t work for friendship or establishing non-exclusive relationships. However, it works great for developing meaningful serious relationships.

CatholicMatch understands that religion is a fundamental part of people’s lives. But the developers of the network also understand that people have other interests. Each person is unique, has different traits, so everyone concentrates on various aspects of life. The membership is free, but there is an option to buy a Premium account. There are three options – monthly, quarterly and yearly subscription. The latter is the most convenient since the price drops.

All users respect this website and it has years of experience. It has a very active Catholic community, where people can ask for advice, start a conversation or discussion. The founders of the platform believe that a healthy relationship should have friendship, love and faith as its foundation.

It’s doubtful that people can fall in love at first sight since they don’t know each other at this point. It can be chemistry, they can like each other, but it’s not enough. People should have similar interests, share mutual respect and have some basis upon which they can build a strong relationship.

And is one of those catholic dating services that gives you such an opportunity. You can find someone single who is interested only in a long-term relationship and has the will to build this relationship. The platform is widely used by seniors who know exactly what they want in life, and they want to find soulmates with similar goals in their lives.

But what makes this website special? It has a blog where you can read Catholic rules for dating and other interesting articles. You can also participate in events organized by church leaders. These events are organized solely for Catholics. You can accomplish compatibility tests with users who attract you so that you can find out whether this person suits you.

Since the platform is regularly organizing events where everyone can meet, the membership is paid. The free version is not available, although there is a free trial period. You can buy a monthly subscription to check whether this platform fits your needs.


Unlike most modern websites, was launched a long time ago. This site and two platforms mentioned above have one advantage that is common for these three networks – they were launched around two decades ago. The database of is huge and throughout all these years, it was helping singles who believe in God to establish long-term relationships.

It seems that this network allows singles to find matches who share mutual beliefs. The community is active, people are very friendly so you can have fun while communicating with them.

Everyone registered on this platform has faith in God, and they share the core principles of Catholicism, so you will have topics to discuss. At the same time, everyone has other interests and you might meet someone who shares your other interests, or you can explore other unique aspects of life.

You can use a search tool to find perfect candidates for you. If you are interested, you can drop a hint. If this person is also interested in communicating with you, he or she will send a message. The website uses a unique payment system, meaning that you only pay once for membership and you can use all available options and features of the platform.


Three above mentioned websites are solely dedicated to Catholics, but you can also find people with faith in God on such platforms as,, etc.