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Choosing a reliable dating site can be pretty easy when you know some tricks. The problem is not necessarily the lack of dating sites, but rather there are so many options to choose from, that finding the best one to meet your requirements and needs becomes a bit difficult.

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On the other hand, there is a dating website that easily satisfies all your dating needs, which is great. During last few years, it has grown in reputation as a place that brings international couples together online. Lots of people have found their love partners online and have gone on to create thriving online relationships through the help of the dating website called Valentime.

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Valentime is a reputable dating site which has an excellent reputation for bringing people together from all over the world. It is a thriving platform that is ideal for people that are comfortable dating over 40. Valentime is a site that provides a remarkable platform, and opportunity for men and women to find their ideal partners. Since its creation, the site has been focusing on assisting people in finding love. Everything about the site is tailored to help you find love. It has some great features, along with a vast number of authentic singles. It doesn’t matter if your partner is close to you or far away, you can still have an exciting experience.

  • 9.6

Easy to use

Valentime is a responsive dating site that is built to give users a thrilling dating experience online. The user interface is user-friendly and very stylish. Along with the design, the site comes with a simple to use tools that also make your experience on the site worth it. Using the site is easy even for folks that are not so tech-savvy.


Everything about Valentime is easy, and that includes the signup and registration process. It is very easy to register on Valentime. There is an online form that you have to input your details, and you are good to go. Everything is pretty straightforward without any complicated requirements. After the registration, you can edit your profile, and make it more presentable so you can make yourself attractive to any potential match.

Search and profile quality

Valentime Search

One of the major features people look out for in a dating site is how easily they can find people and the quality of profiles on the site. With that said, Valentime has a convenient search option that allows you to access many of profiles. You can carry out searches pertaining to your taste. If you don’t like what the basic search provides, you can take advantage of the advanced search option to narrow your search. You will definitely meet singles who meet your requirements.

The profiles on Valentime are of exceptional quality. Each profile comes with the basic information of each person. Use the search option to find profiles that meet your needs. At the end of your search, choose from the quality list of profile presented to you, and narrow them down to those that show genuine potential. The search feature on Valentime is efficient, and above all, it helps you to find potential partners quickly.

  • 9.6

Pricing plan

Generally, authentic dating sites usually come with a premium fee attached to them. The reason for this is to separate the unserious ones from those who are serious. While signing up on, as well as searching and viewing profiles, it is absolutely free, connecting and contacting a match comes at a cost. Valentime operates on a credit system like most authentic dating sites do. These credits allow you to access the amazing features of the site, and it ensures you get the best of your online dating experience. You can purchase as many credits as you want. The basic credit package on offer is charged at $19.99. Below is a breakdown of what features the credits give you access to;

  • 2 credits per minute of chatting
  • 10 credits for the first letter
  • 25 credits for viewing a video in the lady’s profile
  • 625 credits for requesting a meeting

You can buy your credits from various options displayed on the sites. Generally, the prices are reasonable, given the fact that there is so much up for grabs. The billing process can be set to automatic, or you can buy your credits manually. There are certain instances when a particular action doesn’t play out as expected, and in such a scenario, you will get a refund. Take for instance your request for a date or meeting with a member, and you are charged 625 credits, should the member cancel the date, you will get a refund of 625 credits back to your account which you can utilize for other purposes or even set up another date.

  • 9.6

Pros and Cons

The following are some of the pros and cons of


  • You have access to online support, and they readily give replies under 24 hours.
  • There is a responsive matching algorithm on the site that matches you to a series of quality profiles in a matter of minutes.
  • Lots of singles register on the site daily, so it is easy to find potential matches and even prospects that you can build a long and beautiful relationship together.
  • The site is built to meet the needs of singles all over the world to help them find their soul mates.
  • prides itself in rendering quality service to its users.


  • Most of the girls you will meet are from are either from Ukraine or have a Slavic heritage.
  • The fact that you have to pay to access some features might be a turn off to persons.


Valentime Profile

With years in the dating world, has been a Heaven for people looking to date, find the life partner and genuine love. The site has made dating over 40 achievable, with lots of options to choose from, each with its potential. You have an opportunity to find a potential partner there. The site tries to make a no scams environment and that is why most of the girls must be verified.

  • 9.6