Dating Sites for Over 50

People are meant to live as couples. We feel more comfortable when we have a healthy relationship with someone who understands us and cares for us. It doesn’t matter if you are 20 years old or you’re over 50 – we still feel the need to find someone with whom we can spend time and share thoughts, ideas or sometimes even fears.

Since the development of Internet technologies, people have a great opportunity to communicate with each other even if they live in different corners of our world. It’s a lot easier to send an instant message rather than making an expensive international phone call.

This has led to another opportunity – registering on dating sites over 50. Online sites that are dedicated to dating cater interests of every age group. Statistics show that almost fifty percent of singles over 50 years are searching for a soulmate using platforms for online dating over 50. In this article, we are reviewing the dating sites for over 50 that we condifer to be extremely good. If you are single, you might want to read through our list of 8 to find the best platform.

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Our Time Platform

This platform is dedicated to singles over 50 years who are searching for like-minded seniors. People with mature minds can find individuals who share the same view upon this world and have the same objectives in their lives.

Dating Sites for Over 502

The network has a friendly interface that allows you to find recommended seniors who live near your place quickly. Yes, you can filter potential candidates due to their location. The tool is useful if you don’t want to fly over the globe. You can use filters, for example, age, sex, hobbies, etc., and then indicate that you want to find someone near your location.

The good thing about this website – the developers created an app as well. If you are not home or you can’t access your PC, use your tablet or phone to enter an account and send a message. “Our Time” has an active and friendly community where you can share your thoughts or start a discussion, etc.

It is free to create an account or to download the app, but it has some paid options, for instance, monthly, quarterly and yearly subscription. But you can use it for free as well.

The site is not dedicated solely to dating over 50. It’s not on the list of dating sites for over 50. It allows every age group to find love here. It doesn’t matter if you are over 40, or over 60, or in your 20s, it doesn’t matter, you will still find a like-minded individual because the platform has a massive database of active people who are willing to meet peers that share similar thoughts and ideas.

But if this platform is not dedicated only to dating women or men over 50, why is it on this list? Because of the improved matching mechanism! After you create an account, you have to insert information about your preferred soulmate. Indicate whom you consider as perfect candidate and the mechanism will pick the match for you.

To make this work for you, don’t forget to indicate that you are looking for someone who is over 50 years. The matchmaking system will post a recommended candidate list just for you. Then it’s up to you to decide who to contact.

Silver Singles

It is a great platform that is taking care of its registered users. Only professionals are working here to make the platform safe. Developers have adjusted the system that verifies each user to make sure that only real people stay here. This means that scammers or other people with non-serious intentions are filtered so that users won’t get bothered by them.

The safety of members of the platform is not the only benefit of the site. You can find here interesting articles about dating. These articles review some issues or serious questions, for instance, age gaps between 2 people who are dating, is it a good idea to date someone younger or older, etc.

The interface is user-friendly. There are only useful features that help you to filter possible options. The matchmaking system is good, it has filters for users to find soulmates.

Elite Singles

The name of the platform indicates that users can be positive about the quality of the site. This project was launched for people to meet singles and to start building healthy relationships. It’s focused on people who are interested in finding “the one,” rather than finding occasional hook-up.

If you prefer to find someone with whom you can share interesting thoughts, have meaningful conversations and to spend time together, then Elite Singles is the best place. Around eighty percent of users have either bachelor’s, masters or even doctoral degrees. Registered users here have mature mindsets. They have life experience and they know what they want from life.

Their matchmaking system is sophisticated and effective. It takes into consideration your location, preferences, personality traits and education. Each day it offers you three potential candidates depending on your preferences and you can contact someone who is suitable for you.


It’s a unique site with an interesting approach to matching singles. Why is it unique? It uses a similar to a scientific approach to matching people with the best candidates considering their personality traits, preferences, education, location, etc.

It takes a while to complete the questionnaire but it is really worth spending time on it. The survey is dedicated to your personality. You will have to fill information about your preferences, ideas, thoughts, etc.

Then the system analyzes your answers and finds candidates that match these answers. So, the system Is searching for compatible answers. It’s almost as finding two pieces of a puzzle. If you want to explore your choices on this platform, you will have to buy a membership. The network offers three standard options – payment each month, every three months, or once a year.

50Plus Club

If some of the above-mentioned platforms can be used by any age group, this site is strictly for seniors. It’s a place where singles can find their love, but there are other options. For example, sometimes we feel the need for friendly support, and this site can offer you that.

You can start a discussion, or you can find companionship. Of course, it is mainly focused on dating, but since everyone here belongs to one age group, you can find necessary support within your peers.

This network is well-known for its active participants, and not just online – members meet outside of the Internet community. People are active and they like participating in different activities. So, if you are really looking forward to meeting people with similar views and have fun with them, then 50Plus Club might be the best choice.

Age Match

There are several worldwide known examples of couples where a woman is older and vice versa. Age Match was created for those people who don’t believe that the age gap is a problem. If you are a woman or a man who is seeking for a younger or older soulmate, then Age Match is a place is where you can find them.

People here don’t believe that the age gap is a restriction, it doesn’t matter if a woman or a man is older in a couple. The interface of the site allows you to post numerous photos, to indicate your age, sex, location, etc. Considering inserted information, the system will find you several options.

It is free when you register, so you can examine whether this platform meets your needs. But after a while you will have to upgrade the membership to Gold, it costs around 30 dollars a month.


If you want to find someone who has similar views upon the world and who believes in Christianity, you can try the ChristianConnection platform. It offers you to find someone who believes in the same religion. There are lots of like-minded peers, the only thing you need to do is to register and fill the necessary information about the preferred candidate.

if you browse through the site and see someone who attracts you, it’s very easy to interact with him or her – just use the “Wave” button. Several moments later, you will be already engaged in a conversation with this candidate.

The platform is not solely focused on an Internet community, it engages people in real life. The moderators of the site are regularly launching different events where everyone can participate and meet each other.

The platform is not free-to-use, but it allows you to try its features. You are allowed to create an account and use the site for three days. It’s completely free. If you decide that it fits your needs, then you can purchase a subscription.


As you can see, some networks allow seniors to find someone who shares their views. Some sites are dedicated solely to senior dating. Others just give a chance to people older than fifty to find their soulmates within a huge range of different options. You can create an account on one of these platforms, or you can pick 2 or more websites to improve your chances.