VictoriaHearts Review

As the famous American writer and activist, Helen Keller said: “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” And these things are in majority cases connected to love, feelings and emotions. Why does love play such a significant role in our lives? Who is responsible for all smiles and scars that it awards us? And the last question: how to feel loved through hundreds of kilometers? Answers are waiting for you right here. Do not hesitate to find your love-match and catch an amazing opportunity of opening the door to love forever.

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About VictoriaHearts

Victoria hearts review

You can say, hey, there is a bunch of dating platform on the Internet. Why am I supposed to choose this website and why is it special? You`d probably say so when you still did not go to the But now, click the mouse. Wonderful, right? It makes you feel like you came back home and now can just relax. For your knowledge, there are examples of successful mates with different love and life stories, who found their love exactly there, every day looking at the picture of a person and knowing that they`ll meet one day.

VictoriaHearts never tried to be the first among the other dating sites, because the main aim is not a rating, but member’s satisfaction. Authority among others and well-known quality are the main helpers of the platform. Here you can get “every-second-help” and be sure that professionals will advise you how to come to the long road to your happiness.

Easy to Use is one of the few sites where you can easily find what you are looking for. Navigation between different steps is comfortable and straightforward even for those who are not used “to be friends” with computers. Sign-up box has 5 main lines you get to fill in. Then you see a lot of colorful photos of people who can be your potential love. A little bit lower on the main page, 3 important principles of the platform are listed for all users to be sure that they`re dealing with a quality and progressive website.

These principles are quality, safety and help 24/7. Then a lovely picture of a couple and short description explain you in the metaphorical way how the connection between people works here and what this website was created for. In simple words, the creators tell you what they encourage on the site and what don’t and what are features on the platform. Rest of the page`s space is divided into two parts. The first one is “Why to join?”, where you can shortly and informatively know the main reasons why you should definitely join this dating system.


As was said above, sign-up box has 5 main lines for you to fill in and completing them takes no more than 5 minutes. Firstly, you choose from the box “man seeking a woman” or “woman seeking a man”. Then you type your name, date of birth, e-mail and any password you made up. Once you registered, you are brought to the section “About your date”. There you have to indicate your likes and dislikes towards your future partner. After you have done that, you go to your new-created profile where you can give freedom to your creativity! In the section “About yourself” users should write any information they want (from their hobbies to favorite kind of jam) as much sincere as possible. More honest you are with yourself and others, more likely you to find your date really quickly. After you become “a writer” and let your feeling out on the paper (actually, the website page), you can go to the last section of the registration – adding photos. Your photo has to touch the soul of a person looking at it, so you have more chances to start your own love story.

Profile Quality

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So, here we will continue talking about your profile and make a situation clearer. Your profile should attract. What do you notice first in the bakery: a dry cracker with raisins or a piece of a nice creamy cake? No-no, I am not comparing you to dough, but do you see? I`m just trying to make every reader realize that the nice things have a victory over all unnoticeable ones. So, keep in mind that you have to be rememberable!

Also, you need to be active in order to start your story! When you sign in, you see a big list of women`s/men`s profiles. Once you find your match applying the searching function (simple or extended) , you can go to chat! It brings people closer and allows them to know each other much better.


Who wants to fall into the hands of fraudsters? Nobody, I guess. Since our world is full of fraud, every user wants to be sure that he/she is dealing with a high-quality and proven site. fights with the scam for a long time and gained lots of useful and effective procedures against it. Customers’ security and safety are at the first place for the platform!

Tips On How not to Become a Victim of Fraud

  • Never send money to another user.
  • If a member lies even in small details (in information on his/her profile, about their language level, marital status and so on), this may be a reason for suspicion.
  • All money provocations or asking for money will be stopped.
  • You should never give your personal information at someone`s disposal.

The website is strongly maintaining the “anti-scam” policy, so if you have any potential danger from the person asking for money or see scammers` attempts to use your personal information, do not hesitate to contact the support team and tell them every detail of what happened. These people are ready to give you help at day and night.

Prices and Plans

One of the most convenient things on this platform is the ability to pay using Visa or Mastercard card. There are many free opportunities to view profiles and chat, but you need to pay for additional useful and interesting features.

The website provides a standard Membership subscription that costs $19,99. It gives you a premium status and 50 credits at a discount, as usually 50 credits can be purchased for .

But there are a lot of other packages options that you can choose from, depending on your budget. Their standard prices without discount are:

  • $28.99 for 50 credits
  • $64.99 for 125 credits
  • $99.99 for 250 credits
  • $214.99 for 750 credits

To make your partner feel nice, you can send a virtual gift. There is a huge variety of gifts on the platform. is very “generous” website because it offers its costumers a lot of discounts for this or that service. Billing options are really loyal as well. Once your account is empty, you can get additional credits automatically by turning on the respective function in personal profile settings.

Pros and Cons

So once again: why is this platform so special? It puts high-quality service in the first place and sometimes you want to use this platform not just for finding your love but also for trying all those nice quality things on yourself!

Here I`ll provide you some pros and cons according to the analysis I have done.


  • High quality is a routine!
  • A helpful support team that treats you like own son or daughter.
  • Loyal prices.
  • On the platform, you can see a lot of beautiful European women.
  • Strong anti-fraud and anti-scam protection attitude that creates a feeling of safety like at home.
  • Many opportunities to find your love (or at least your good match) in seconds.
  • Any indecent stuff is forbidden.


  • Sometimes prices can get high for some additional services.
  • No Skype service provided.


victoriahearts reviews is a new, quality and high-class international dating platform that allows people from all corners of the world to find their soulmate and, in the future, love. You feel really great, using the newest services, chatting with a person you like and knowing that your personal information and everything is under the strict security of the platform. The difference between and other dating websites is that because of skillfully crafted approach to customers and service, this platform demonstrates careful attitude to contingent and content. I would definitely recommend trying this platform to everybody. Quality service helps to create quality and serious relationships. So, make the first step.